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REISS garments and accessories are made from the finest materials by specialised manufacturers. We make clothes to stand the test of time – from their timeless look to high quality. To make your leather, linen, wool, cotton, denim, cashmere, and other REISS garments last longer, follow the care recommendations below.



Featured throughout our collection - from formal shirts to sweatshirts, cotton is a natural fibre that’s kind to the skin, comfortable to wear, durable, breathable, and low-maintenance.     Reiss partners with The Better Cotton Initiative to improve cotton farming globally. We are committed to sourcing 100% of our cotton as more sustainable cotton by 2025. If your REISS cotton garment is home-washable, use a delicate machine wash at 30 degrees and wash with similar colours. Avoid tumble drying if possible, and, whenever possible, leave your clothes to dry in the shade. 


One of the world's noblest fibres, cashmere is lightweight, soft and comfortingly warm. REISS cashmere is traceable to farming, allowing us to maintain high-quality standards whilst making sure animal welfare and fair-trade aspects are in place. To care for your REISS cashmere, check the label for care and wash instructions. Some styles can be hand-washed cold, which helps maintain its shape. Store your pieces in a cool, airy place and take precautions against moths. Pilling is a natural effect of this type of garment. To remove eventual pilling, shave it off with a razor, applying low pressure against the knit. 


Virgin wool, merino and mohair are wool types with unique properties. REISS Merino wool is traceable, maintaining quality standards and supporting responsible farming and fairtrade. Always check the care instructions on the care label, which should indicate if your wool item should be dry cleaned or can be washed (cold wash, preferably). Do not wring woollen pieces and, if knitted, avoid hanging to maintain their shape for longer.


Leather REISS is part of the Leather Working Group, working only with certified tanneries and manufacturers that comply with environmental and animal welfare regulations. To care for your REISS leather and shearling garment, keep it away from humidity, heat and chemicals, wipe it with a dry flannel to remove occasional dust and avoid exposing it to rain to avoid stains.


A natural fibre with breathability, linen becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash. Wash your linen garments at low temperatures in lukewarm or cold, and preferably soft water (use a softener if you live in an area with hard water). Use gentle machine cycles and mild detergents to protect the fibres.   


REISS denim styles are pre-washed, produced via more responsible methods that save water, energy and promote better cotton sourcing. To care for your denim, avoid washing it too often, airing it and using anti-bacterial sprays to keep it clean. Remember your jeans can be spot-cleaned when needed. When washing your jeans, wash them inside out at 30 degrees, and with similar colors. Hang to dry, avoid tumble-drying to preserve the fit. Do not iron your jeans.